Our Divine Journey Begins

Long before you were born, your soul existed. When you were forming in the womb, your soul was with you. In fact, it was your soul that designed and formed your body. Your soul was, and is, the divine source of energy that holds it’s own intelligence. Divine intelligence is the wisest and deepest of knowing. It is this knowing that has been with you at your first breath of air, and is still with you right now.

You can activate your soul connection and allow the higher more intelligent you to guide you and grow your goodness, your talents, abilities, and dreams into this world. You have untapped potential that has pushed you and driven you to read, to meditate, to seek more of yourself and more of this life. You feel that there is more joy to be had, more love available to you, and a feeling of aliveness is out there if only you knew how to access it. No matter what hardships you have navigated, no matter the insults, the betrayals, the disappointments, you have never lost your infallible hope that there is something better out there. A great big beautiful tomorrow. That you were meant for something more, to be something more. That hope, that shining light of possibility, that is your soul. Your greatest self. Your God Self.

That part of you has been observing, waiting for your attention and awareness, waiting to be activated. To have your soul become active, to become aware of your higher self’s presence, to live actively with your soul, will bring you more aliveness, more joy, more love, more happiness, more creativity, more of you, than you ever knew or hoped was possible.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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