Our Divine Electrical Body

Our bodies are electrical conductors, and in some ways, generators. We are blessed to be made of mostly water. Water is the most conductive substance on the planet. We come complete with our own electrical wiring system, the central nervous system. it entwines throughout the deepest recesses of our beings, transmitting light to and from every limb and organ. It is being directed and managed by your brain, heart, and gut. These are the main directive stations. Each connect to a chakra, or portal that is bringing frequency into the stations/storehouses.

Your overall frequency is being broadcast like a silent musical note. Our hearts can hear this music, and will use the notes to identify potential friends and mates.
Our hearts can also gauge another’s honesty, and authenticity. It is why you can listen to the words of another, use your mind to analyze them for reasoning, but still not believe them to be true. What is being said might make sense, but you can feel that it is a lie.
The heart cannot be dishonest, and will always broadcast truth. Even when a person’s thoughts and words are not authentic, their heart will always tell you the truth. It is our hope that you learn to listen to your heart and the heart of others.

It is our goal to heal and activate the hearts of men. It is only through heart space activation that all of Earth will tune into harmony. Peace on Earth will not come as a result of creating unity between people, it will come when we create unity in each person. When a person comes into alignment, they will naturally come into union with all others that are also aligned. This is the union that will create peace on Earth.

The mission of all light workers is to become a living example of the light. Let the light shine and entice others to desire that awakening in themselves. Allow them to desire the change in themselves. Allow them to come to you. You must only concentrate on your own alignment at this time.


When you live with an open heart, unexpected, joyful things happen. – Oprah

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