Suspension Of Our Beliefs

The first step in your awakening is to accept that facts are sometimes confused with beliefs. Beliefs are not always truth. What do we mean? Science is only about 300 years old. Archeologists have been discovering anomalies and ignoring them because they do not fit into socially held beliefs about the human time line. Biological discoveries are being made to prove the body is electric and capable of healing in previously unknown ways. As we make new discoveries, we are slowly evolving into growing our understanding of ourselves, and the world around us. In many cases, the more we know, the better we do. However, in some cases, discoveries uncover a different story than the one our cultural systems would like us to believe.

Full disclosure of new evidence will disrupt societal norms, and conventionally held beliefs about religion, medicine, history, politics, technology, our origins, among other things. To keep society performing at status quo, the evidence gets buried. There are pieces of the puzzle all over the world, being held quietly. As global communication has increased, it has become more difficult to keep secrets. Less division means, less idiosyncrasies in the communal knowledge. We are sharing truths and finding patterns and similarities in the information.

The global awakening is happening right now in our lifetime. Change is on the horizon and we are already on the fringe of it. The first step in adapting to change is to allow new ideas to surface. In order for a new plant to sprout, the ground must be tilled to loosen the soil, so that the fragile new life can push through to the surface. In the same way, your grip on your previously held understanding of the world and yourself must be loosened.

What can we as individuals do?  We must awake to each new day with the declaration to God, that today we will see beyond our beliefs. Today I am willing to see the truth. We must ask that the truth be revealed to us, and that God give us the gift of discernment.


dis·cern·ment [dəˈsərnmənt]
1. the ability to judge well
2.  perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual direction and understanding

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