Your Divine Heart

Your heart is more aware, more alive, and serves a greater purpose than you think. It is widely believed that the heart is a pump that moves your blood and circulates your body. Most people believe that is the only function of the heart.

The heart’s electromagnetic field is 100 times stronger that the brain’s. It extends out so far that science cannot measure it, it is possible that the field is infinite. The heart holds memories. Heart transplant patients have memories that are not theirs, they are the heart’s that they have inherited. The heart communicates with the brain. There is a conversation that is always happening between the heart and the mind. All organs communicate to the brain, and the brain has many different and distinct consciousness, each assigned a task to maintain it’s own function over it’s corresponding organs. They each have their own agendas, and they all speak in your own voice. It is why you sometimes are urged to do something, while another part of you is resistant, and you can argue with yourself. Your brain is a community of consciousness. The most pure and powerful of them all is the heart consciousness. It is tuned into the one true God and your heart is always speaking from a place of divine wisdom and true love.

When you begin to tune into your heart space, you begin to live your best life, your highest purpose life. How do you shift into heart space living? You must quiet the mind and begin to train yourself to hear your heart speak.

Meditation is not just the practice of quieting the mind, it is the practice of tuning into the heart. It is why it is recommended to focus on your breath, this brings awareness to the chest, the heart chakra. Begin to feel your heart’s desires.

When you have a decision to make, place your hands over your heart, and ask if the first choice is what the heart desires, just breathe and feel the heart. Does it feel open, excited, or warm? Or, does it feel closed, cold, or achy? Think of your second choice, and feel the heart space again. Use this signal as a guide to help you in your life. You heart is speaking to you with every breath you take, waiting for you to become aware and listen.

If you are finding it difficult to feel the subtle frequency that is your heart’s communication, you may begin to practice small exercises in feeling. You can think of someone that you deeply love, a relative, friend, or pet. Really feel that deep love and appreciation you have for this person, or animal. You will begin to feel the sensation of love glow in your chest. Breathe deeply, and spread the sensation through every cell of your being. Repeat this exercise every day for as long as you like. The more often you practice this mediation, the healthier you will become, the more tuned in you will be, and the louder your heart will speak. The conversation will begin to change over time, from a subtle sensation, to a beautiful all body glow, to intuitive messages, to words, and finally, to an all powerful interface that will assist you, uplift you, and guide you through the rest of your days

It is here in the heart where God speaks to you.


“One love, one heart, one destiny.” ― Robert Marley

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