Our Innerverse

Connections to the cosmic are allowed internally through the dynamic electrical system that is the nervous system. The neurons firing in the brain are a universe of synapses. The information that can be obtained goes beyond just healing codes and body function, it can reach into the mind, the emotions, and all recesses of your body. The cosmic mind can interact, give information, be a constant ally and companion. The more time you spend cultivating the richness of that connection, the clearer the communication will become. The more you generate love in your heart, and support yourself by choosing to harm none, the happier you will be.

What do we mean when we say to harm none? We mean causing no harm to yourself first. Before you worry about anything else, please focus inward. You are not just a bundle of cells, and nerves. You are also a host to trillions of life forms. When you tune inward, feel your organs, your limbs, your guts. Just breathe and gain internal awareness. Think of all of the life that is dependent upon the life of your body. When you think of your health, begin to to consider the health of your internal ecosphere. There are microscopic beings that can assist you in your healing and good health. There are systems in place that fight disease, that cleanse, that repair cells. To achieve maximum performance you must bring your body into balance. You must consider how your actions affect your internal helpers. For instance, if you eat to much sugar, candida yeast will grow in your body and cause damage. Sugar also feeds bad bacteria, and cancers. Imagine a battlefield where you have given fuel to the enemy and that enemy is populating, taking over, and choking out your friendly allies, ultimately adding to your overall demise. You have an amazing immune system that can either be an army of exhausted, weak members, or you can give them the supplies they need to become warriors. It is your decision on how you conduct yourself. How you spend your time, and mostly, what you consume. Not just consumption of food, but also anything that enters the 7 sacred openings in your face. The eyes, ears, nostrils, and mouth should be selected carefully.

In addition to filtering out all that harms, you may also nourish yourself with healing natural food. You can expose the eyes to sunlight, nature, the sky, art, color therapy. Fill your senses with wonderful gifts from the earth. Aromatherapy using essential oils. Buy a bouquet and gaze upon and literally smell the flowers.

Your life can be made more beautiful by engaging your senses with awareness, in a soulful and purposeful way.

“Man has no Body distinct from his Soul; for that called Body is a portion of Soul discerned by the five Senses, the chief inlets of Soul in this age.” – William Blake

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