There is a place in existence before time, before breath, before your heart took it’s first beat, where you were alive.

Before your body fully formed in the womb, you were there. Your life was present as your cells materialized. The part of you that existed in your original form is still present in your being. It is the true you. The whole you. The you that has no needs or wants. You are complete.

In the years since you were born, you have collected ideas and thoughts about who you are, you created rules around those notions, the rules became your identity. Your identity dictated how you operate in the world, what you believe your limits are. You lived in lack and have tried to fill your emptiness with pleasure. You seek happiness, when what you really need is bliss.

There is path to find peace within. It is time to break free of your shackles of suffering. It is time to reconnect with the highest part of yourself. Your divine self.

Let us journey together on this divine path to unearth the DIVINE YOU